Mary Wood, Head Snack Maker.    Photo by Becca Lemire

The Midnight Snack Co is a full-service catering company in Prince Edward County. The Midnight Snack Co. was born out of a desire to step back from the restaurant world and develop a new relationship with food service. We focus on small batch production, working with local farmers, cheese-makers, wine makers, and more- to bring your event to life. We create menus that are playful and nostalgic, reminding us that some things just shouldn't be taken too seriously. Our specialty are the weddings we do. We love working with family style menus, focusing on amazing food, and creating memories. 

Head Snack Maker Mary Wood was born and raised in Toronto, and has established roots in the food industry as a young baker. Mary has won both Food Network's Donut Showdown, and Food Network's Sugar Showdown. Mary has spent the past couple of years honing her snack menu and catering for bars, restaurants, and events across the city. Mary now lives in Picton, Prince Edward County and is working on her future wedding and event venue. 

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